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The ATM safety and risk management problem…
Safety and risk management in Air Traffic Management (ATM) is essential for meeting regulatory compliance, to ensure good corporate governance and to display a sense of organisational responsibility to both internal and external stakeholders.

However, finding the balance between simply satisfying regulatory requirements and implementing systems that are efficient, practical and beneficial to your organisation can be difficult.

By limiting your systems to only meeting regulatory compliance needs, safety and risk management can become something that is done because “we have to”. This can result in not realising the benefits that well functioning safety and risk management systems can provide to the daily operation of your business.

Additionally, as the ATM environment is unique, highly dependent upon human operators and constantly changing, a pure engineering approach does not always fit with the needs of daily business.

The solution…
What is needed are systems that ensure regulatory compliance but are also specifically tailored to ensure that your managers and staff are provided with the necessary processes and tools to help them understand the status of organisational risks and safety issues. More importantly, helping them understand those aspects that are directly related to their responsibilities and daily activities.

This will provide your staff and management with the necessary information to assist with decision making and therefore provide your organisation with constantly improving safety performance.

The Logical Solutions advantage…
At Logical Solutions we have over 30 years of industry specific, hands-on experience that provides us with an in depth understanding of the ATM business and the specific needs that this industry has.

When combined with our experience in establishing safety and risk management solutions in this industry, using advanced techniques and tools, we are able to provide your ATM organisation with customised safety and risk management solutions that provide your organisation with simple to use, practical solutions that integrate with your existing business activities.

For more information about how we can help your organisation to determine and achieve your needs, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.